Todd Theoret's Bio

Todd Theoret lives along the south shore of Lake Superior in Marquette, Michigan.

  Todd Theoret
Marquette, Michigan
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  Marquette County Sheriff Search and Rescue
  Michigan Backcountry Search and Rescue (MibSAR)

He is a mechanic at U.P. Off Road & Performance in Negaunee, Michigan, and a member of the Marquette County Sheriff's Office Special Operations Search and Rescue Team.

He has been an investigator with Michigan Backcountry Search and Rescue's (MibSAR's) Long Range Special Operations Group (LRSOG), working long-term-missing (LTM) cases and cold-case homicides in the bush between the Upper Great Lakes and the Arctic Ocean in Canada, since 2011.

He was raised off-the-grid in the remote bush of northern Luce County in the Eastern Upper Peninsula of Michigan. For nine years, he skied four miles to reach the nearest plowed road, and much further to make a phone call.

His expedition partners appreciate his bush skills, including his ability to start a fire in foul weather, navigate through tangled bush, and gather wild foods at will -- he can identify upwards of 100 edibles in the bush.

  The logo for Tom Brown, Jr's, Tracker School in Waretown, New Jersey
  Todd Theoret demonstrating how to make and use a bow-drill to ignite a fire on NBC-affiliate WLUC TV-6's Discovery & 906 Outdoors show, July 31, 2017. Click on image or here to watch video.
  Debris Hut

Todd has studied extensively at the Tracker School's primitive camp in New Jersey under the tutelage of it's founder -- Tom Brown, Jr. -- one of America's foremost trackers and a renowned wilderness survival expert.

He has completed the Tracker School's:

  • 7-day Standard Wilderness Survival and Tracker class,

  • 7-day Advanced Wilderness Survival and Tracking class,

  • the school's 7-day Advanced Tracking and Awareness class.

    During his last two back-to-back classes, Todd constructed a debris hut, and then proceeded to live in it for nearly two weeks.
  Todd Theoret ascending a waterfall on the 8-day coastal backpacking expedition on Lake Superior's Michipicoten Island.
  Todd Theoret negotiating the Arctic Ocean ice sheet on the Moose River Estuary during the 15-day 2019 Arctic Ocean Expedition

Todd has also completed a number of arduous wilderness adventures -- without resupply or support -- including a 2012 8-day coastal backpacking expedition to Canada's seldom-visited Michipicoten Island on Lake Superior.

Insertion and extraction were by the venerable RC Anderson, a Canadian commercial fishing tug.

In 2019, he completed a 15-day snowshoe-and-ski expedition down a remote Canadian river -- without resupply or support -- to the Arctic Ocean's Lower Hudson Bay.

Insertion and extraction on the muskeg were by the Polar Bear Express, a flag-stop bush train.

  Canoecopia at the Alliant Energy Center in Madison, Wisconsin
  The Winter Camping Symposium at the YMCA's Camp Miller in Sturgeon Lake, Minnesota

Todd guides canoeing, backpacking, and winter-camping trips and expeditions.

He also speaks at symposiums and expos in the Midwest, including:

  • Canoe-copia at the Alliant Energy Center in Madison, Wisconsin

  • The Winter Camping Symposium at the YMCA's Camp Miller in Sturgeon Lake, Minnesota

He teaches a wide range of multi-day, outdoor skills classes including Wilderness Land Navigation, Wilderness Survival, and Winter-Camping.

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